Outgrown the shoes? No problem.

Our Toddle shoes are totally recyclable. When your little one outgrows their Toddles, just send them back to us. We’ll recycle all the materials so they’re put back to good use.

Easier on the Planet

Here at Woolybubs our goal is to give parents an affordable, practical option toward significantly reducing the amount of waste in their home. With our free take-back program, you can rest assured that your Woolybubs shoes never end up in a landfill.

Three Easy Steps to Recycle


Step 1 - Pack It Up

Pack up your used shoes in any mailer, envelope, or shipping box you have.


Step 2 - Print Label

Print your prepaid shipping label and attach to your package. Message us at support@woolybubs.com to request your free return label.


Step 3 - Drop It Off

Drop your package off at any USPS location.