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Woolybubs is a baby shoe store with a big dream to leave smaller footprints on the planet through sustainable, ethical, and accessible baby stuff that never ends up in the landfill.

Baby Tested.
Mother Approved.

This wasn’t easy. We experienced some trial and error and a few unsatisfied babies in the process. But the babies pushed us to go farther, do better, innovate more, fear less. And, in the end, we ended up with sustainable baby shoes that support the most high-performing, style-conscious babies on the planet. 

And when your baby outgrows them, you can make them disappear.

We harness innovative materials to ensure that when your little one inevitably outgrows their shoes, they don’t do harm to the planet. We craft each pair with intention, so that we can all leave smaller footprints.

Baby Shoe Store

Woolybubs is a baby shoe store with the goal of saving the planet. Babies make enough waste as it is. Find ways to cut down on excess waste when you shop our wide collection today.