Size Guide

Choosing the perfect size shoes for you baby's feet can be tough and we're happy to help.  Follow these simple steps to find the perfect fit:

1. Measure your baby's feet or you can use our printable size chart.

2. Use our size chart below to select the perfect size, leaving a little extra room for growth.

3. Once you receive the shoes, check the fit using the "toe test" (more below).


Woolybubs Size Chart

No two baby's feet are the same so we highly recommend measuring your child's foot to ensure correct fit.  


How to Measure Your Baby's Feet 

You can measure those little feet with a ruler, but we understand that can be a challenge when your baby wants to wiggle.  Our printable size chart helps with measuring.  We recommend measuring both feet and sizing according to the bigger foot.  

  Download our Printable Size Chart



How to Check for Correct Fit

Toe Test

Measure from the tip of your baby's big toe to the tip of the shoe.  The distance should be between the width of your pinky and width of your thumb.  

Visual Test

The shoes should look snug but comfortable and should not leave any marks on your child's foot.