Check what they have to say about our adorably sustainable shoes.

Fast Company

"When your baby outgrows these shoes, you don’t throw them away—you boil them.Made of a biodegradable material that dissolves in boiling water, they’re designed to solve the waste problem of constantly outgrown baby clothes."


"It’s not everyday that we discover a product that makes us stop in our tracks. But Woolybubs made us do just that. As the first completely biodegradable baby shoes, they may be the most planet-friendly baby gear we’ve ever seen."


"Items like shoes and clothing get outgrown quickly at a young age, and all too often, they end up in landfills. We know we’re not the only parents who worry about how our choices today will affect what the planet looks like for our children in the future."

Green Matters

"New company Woolybubs' Newbie baby shoes are not only adorable, but they are also completely biodegradable — in a pretty unique way. Once your little one wears out these tiny pastel kicks, which are vegan and entirely made from polyvinyl alcohol, simply place them in boiling water for 40 minutes."

Real Simple

"These super-sweet little slippers are a perfectly stylish (and soft) addition to your favorite baby's wardrobe. They're made of a completely biodegradable material, so when your baby outgrows the shoes, they won't clutter up the landfill—you can compost them or simply boil them away."

The Movement Mama


"While I do advocate for babies being barefoot as long as possible, there are certain circumstances when shoes are the best choice. For example, when walking outdoors on rough surfaces or when extreme heat or cold prevent them from going barefoot."